New firmware fixes D600 HDMI output. (Also, updates for almost all of Nikon’s current other DSLRs)

Yesterday, Nikon released new firmware for almost all of its current DSLR line-up, namely for the D4, D800, D600, D3, D3s, D3x, D7000 and D3200. Most of these updates only add full compatibility to the exotic new 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR lens – a lens very few people will ever see or use.


The highlight, for me, is the fact that Nikon has now finally addressed the uncompressed HDMI bug that frustrated D600 videographers. This issue used to be a reason for DSLR videographers to get the more expensive D800, and seemed like a lame up-selling scam on Nikon’s part. No more, it seems!

If you are a D600 shooter, like I am, then be sure to get the D600’s C1.01 firmware update here.

Below you can see a comparison between how it used to be – the difference between the D600 (left) and the D800 (right). Note the wider black bar around the image output by the D600 to the external monitor.

Comparison between uncompressed HDMI video output - D600 (left) vs D800 (right).

Comparison between uncompressed HDMI video output – D600 (left) vs D800 (right). Click for more detail. (Image courtsey of IAmRon)

Close-up of the D600’s black bar issue which has now been solved!


Note the unexplained black border surrounding the image. This has now been solved! Click for detail. (Image courtesy of IAmRon)